Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Blog...

I have neglected you!!! I'll try to do better...

Does anyone even read you anymore??


Both kids are napping, so.. I'll un-neglect you some other time..


Friday, May 8, 2009

Vote for RYAN to win $5,000!!!!

Will you guys all help me out & vote for Ryan on a Baby Battles Contest??

He's on Page 4, the second from the left in the second to last row.

YES, you do have to register BUT you can vote ONCE A DAY.He's on the couch with a bib on!!!

If you guys could all just take ooonneee tiny second to vote (possibly each day??) for my little guy I would forever be in debt to you.. and hell..if he wins the $5,000..I'll do something special for everyone!!!!!

Thanks TONS!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cook out!!!

Ryans first taste of just stuck to his lip..he didnt even notice!

My horsemallows..


Andy was ticked it wasnt mallow time yet!!!

Ryan loves ALL food.

CUTE boys, huh??

Andy examined the ground very closely..

Mike checking if the brats were done..

Ah..adventures.. Its no wonder we never do things, its fun until its over, then all hell breaks loose, LOL!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I so prouda you"

Today I walked past Andy & said "Hang on buddy, moms gotta go potty" and he pushed past me saying "I gotta potty TOO!"
So.. okay.. he sat on the potty with daddy the other day ( each on their own potty, that is) so we gave it a whirl.

Andy told me "I gotta push out a big big monster turd!" Oh!! Wow.. thanks Daddy for that one!!!!

We sat, and we sat.. and we sat some more.. Andy said he had to push it out..and he even did some rocking. Sorry, this is alot of info but..

I smelled farts!! I REALLY thought it was going to happen, so we talked baout how when Andy starts to use the potty, he will get a special treat, maybe a TRAIN!!

He got "SO excited for Henry, I poopin, then we go to the store!" I told him Skye is mailing him Henry & he cooed "Skkyyee.. I SOO excited!! Woow!!!"

Andy hopped off the potty & asked for a diaper "I wanna diaper, lkets go store & get a train" I told him we couldnt get a train if he didnt use the potty! He sat back down & I went to change Ryan "because Ryan is a baby & cant pee like a big boy Andy can!"

Came back.. ANDY PEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! He is so excited too, he keeps telling me!!

I just tucked him in for his nap & walked out to him whispering to Max "Hey max, I so prouda you pee in the potty"

=0) My little boy is getting big!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Andy's girlfriend Skye, was reading my blog today ( shes a genius, reading, on the internet much less at not quite 3!!!) has decided that Andy shouldnt have to wait for mom to load her lazy butt up in the car & go to Target.. She strapped her mother down in a chair & poked her with Dora until mom followed Skyes demand to buy Henry for Andy! How sweet ( and scary) is that??

Skye was so forceful that her lovely mama also added in an EMILY for Andy too!!! Andy is going to be SOO excited when a special package comes just for him!!!

That Skye..she's tricky.. she refuses to dance with Andy once day & is bribing him for his love with trains the next!!!

Thanks Skye, your the best daughter in law a mom could ask for! But please, tell your dad to keep his shot guns to himself.. Andy IS a gentleman, and he gets scared..easily. Andy is so lucky to have a thoughtful friend like you, that sends him new trains "just cause."

Come back & play soon Skye, we miss you! ( and Hailey, of course too!!!..Annnd I guess Jon can come too!)


Last night while I played with Andy, I was naming off his trains.. "And Percy, and James and Henry..eer..Gordon.. and.." We only currently have James, Percy & Gordon.

Andy's no fool. He looks up "Henry?? Wheres Henry??" I say "Um...uuhh.. Henry is at the store buddy. We didnt buy a Henry!" Andy looks at me like I'm stupid..

"Lets go start the car, gotta go shop it. S'go get henry mom" I say "Next time we will, or for a birthday maybe!" And I'm pretty sure I hopped up & left the room before I got myself into more trouble.

Flash forward to this morning, Andy is lining up his cars, trains & trucks & saying hello to all of them.. He turns to look at me "Wheres Henry Mom? I know! The store! Gotta go get him, lets go mom!"

..Guess Henry is the next train on the "buy for Andy" list!! I wonder how long I can hold out.. a week?? Until I go to Target next??