Friday, November 14, 2008

A boy & his cat.

Well.. Mike went to pick our kitty up from her "surgery" today.

He said he waiting in line behind 2 people & when he came up, they said "Fluffy?" ( the name we gave for her) he said Yes..and then a doctor and a few nurses walked out somberly..

They asked "Your here for Fluffy??"

Yes.. Mike said.. This is where he told me "It was like, taking your mom to the hospital & they were about to tell me she didn't make it!!"

They told him that Fluffy has had a positive test for feline leukemia.. and they are REALLY sorry.. So Mike says "like,..cancer??" They explain it as an autoimmune deficiency, and that she needs to come back in 2 weeks for more blood draws so they can send it off to a more comprehensive facility to be tested to be sure. So Mike says " AIDS???"

They tell him "Yes..sort of .. feline AIDS"

Mike comes home & tells me "Dude..shes got the HIV" ( pronounce HIV..not H-I-V)


Basically, if she catches a cold, she could die from it. She got it from her mother, who before she died got all wonky, got a cough & basically went nuts. Feline leukemia attacks the neurological system when very far gone.. Coughing is a symptom.. So.. our little kitty was born into this sad cruel disease.

I cant lie..For the first few hours, I looked at Fluffy with new eyes.. I mean.. shes sort of like a transsexual hooker whose got an STD!!!

We always thought she was a boy..until she got pregnant.. by some random guy she likely met in a back alley ( or..her!) so..she puts out for anyone, obviously.. And we know..she's got the FIV!!!! That dirty kitty...

I think most of my shock was that "now we have TWO indoor cats" If we let her back outside, its a death sentence for her. She will catch a cold, or a sickness from the other cats that roam our redneck hood and..well.. die. And as Mike said "I spend $80 on her..shes not going outside to die damnit"

So, after the appropriate research ( no, humans cant get it, no dogs cant get it.. Max is neutered so unless they fight & draw blood or bite.. he wont get it either) I feel ok.. She potentially could live a very long life, as long as we keep her healthy & keep her from getting sick. I will add this though.. According to her papers & online..FIV and cat leukemia are 2 different things, which often coincide..She technically doesn't have cat AIDs.. she has cat leukemia..but it sounds WAY more dramatic to say that our cat not only had an abortion but shes got AIDs too.. So.. Yeah.. I'm always one for dramatics! =0)

We have a new cat..And I got to name her..

HER name.. is Chuck.
On a completely unrelated note..I read the entire Twilight book today. All 498 pages.. from 8am to 3pm.. I'm a fast reader.... Obviously..
I really want to go see the movie, the book was AMAZING!! I see what everyone raves about! One of the things on my "To Do" list is to see a movie by myself.. I am thinking this might be my one.. We shall see!


Jon, Hailey, and Skye said...

Dude I almost woke up the house laughing at your post. I am going to e mail my mom and tell her she has to READ THIS POST! LOL.
Seriously OMG. You are great.
And dude, no wonder you weren't online much today..and sure you were calming Andy down. You were really just reading Twilight LOL
I love you still, maybe, as long as you don't fall for Edward lol.

EmilytheCreative said...

I'm sorry your cat has HIV (pronounced HIV not H-I-V.. LOL.. too funny). Anyway, seriously.. sorry. I'm still laughing, though. =X

Pamela said...

Awe poor kitty. You can make light of any subject. Man i wish I had your personality and writting skills. =)

Sarah said...

I am SOO stoked you read twilight. See, I've been looking for someone special to go see the movie with me, because I was considering going by myself because no one has read it yet. (I read them all in 3
we should totally make it our "kid free get together.)
how lame am i?
normal people would suggest the bars now that we're both not prego. and I suggest the movies?