Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Balding, Kittens & Trout

Ah..this will be a random hodgepodge( love that word) of thoughts before bed for sure!

I'm going bald..yep.It happened at exactly 3 months postpartum with Andy & I thought I could escape it with Ryan, but no such luck!

Its quite common, and due to my anemia with both pregnancies & my large amount of iron loss with Ryans birth, I suppose it was to be expected, but yuck! Its just on one side..a receding hairline.. Its very attractive I assure you. I guess its back to headbands for me!

ps- I'm not really BALD.. but I'm losing more hair in the shower than normal, lol.

On to the kittens... So, Fluffy.. our neighborhood skanky kitty had 2 adorable kittens the same time I had Ryan..Our neighbor named the mama Fluffy & he let her sleep in his garage that he's been in the process of remodeling for awhile now, he feeds her, leaves the light on for her, you name it. Well.. suddenly Fluffy & her kittens seem really hungry..So duh.. Mike & I feed them. We're obsessed with trying to make them like us, haha..Well.. they've suddenly started spending alot of time under this turned over kiddie pool that's resting on our picnic table, of course, its very cool & shady,a great place for a nap! We cant even pet the cats so it isn't like we forced them to hang out there, it was their choice.WELL!
Suddenly, our neighbor is avoiding us like the plague! He usually yaks Mikes ear off & always says hello to me, last night I was sitting outside reading & I saw him step out for a smoke, he stepped around the corner, saw me & drew back hoping I hadn't seen him..Whatever.. my reading time outside is my daily alone time, so I sure didn't mind.
Then I was walking a fussy Ryan outside last night before bed & I saw a girl I've never seen before open the garage, I smiled at her & she very obviously pretended she didn't know me. Now lets clear this up, this isn't a random house of people. Its a husband, a wife ( who are older, at least 40-50) her daughter & a weird combo of his daughter/her children/her ex ( they have some funny custody thing going on) They are very nice people! Every holiday they bring over gifts for Andy & they brought a large bag of items for Ryan & myself after his birth, they are really kind people. We hear them argue alot but really..who doesn't argue? So, they ARE friendly people, overly friendly sometimes! So this is weird they are so obviously avoiding us..Mike decides its because the kittens are hanging out in our yard.. Its possible..I know our neighbor is really fond of the mama..maybe hes jealous? They ARE cuties!!

So.. yesterday Mike did some fishing with his family ( that story is next!) and we decided to give some fish to the kitties..They practically live in our yard, remember this.. They LOVED it & had a ball with the was kind of gross but whatever..its one step closer to us being able to pet them! hehe..

Flash forward to today, after the odd avoidance of our neighbors..these kittens are GONE. I'm talking MIA, no where to be seen, GONE. Fluffy (mama) is sitting in our front yard all day sulking.. Mike & I cant figure it out..Our thoughts are this
1- the neighbor killed them..morbid, I know.
2- the neighbor found them homes, great! Lets hope so.. although, they don't let anyone pet did he catch them & transport them to a new home????
3- the new neighbors did something to them..

We have new neighbors...This is where my eyes roll back into my head.. @@ is the symbol for this..
There is a house near us that has a pool in the basement, for physical therapy..its basically in our back yard..well..the elderly man died & his son just left the house to sit for MONTHS..pool in basement = MOLD. They couldn't auction the house off for barely $20k!! Apparently finally a young 20 something man bought it..and is fixing it & renting it to about 5 of his guy friends..LOVELY. We found this out by hearing what sounded like gun shot sin the back yard..Nope.. just them smashing car batteries on the ground. Gotta love our redneck neighborhood!! (although I will say this, since one of the rowdy ones had a baby the same time as us, the 4-wheeling has almost stopped!!!)

So..we are on a mission to find out what the heck happened to our sweet kittens! I mean, one kitten being in a car accident..that's realistic..but 2 disappearing over night?? I don't think so..Mike & I are really bothered.. We have such a soft spot for them & Fluffy!!
SO! Put some kitty prayers out there for these little ones.. If they didn't get a home I am going to be VERY upset not knowing what happened to them.. There are some sick people out there & animals often find the brunt of it =(

On to Trout..

Mike went fishing with his family yesterday!! He had a good time, lucky duck ;-)
His younger brother Johnny caught the biggest fish of them all which I baked up & Mike ate last night..It was great btw..thanks Jon! Mike seemed to really enjoy himself..there is something funny about men & meat ( steak they cook themselves, fish they caught, etc) Mike gets this tone while its preparing, and starts to make excuses about what could be wrong with it & then once he digs in..he talks like he knew it would be perfect & asks "isn't this great?" about 60 times just looking for praise on "his catch" haha..Men are so weird. i swear, he gets more excited about grilling a steak than an A on a test or his kid learning to walk ( I'm kidding Mike, you know this!!!)
So, good for him, finally catching some fish & enjoying some time out with his family. I know he really enjoyed himself & the fish was really good..hopefully they will do it more often!
Here he is!

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EmilytheCreative said...

Don't feel bad, my hair is falling out by the fist fulls as well. Kent absolutely HATES this part of post pregnancy. Especially when it's his turn to clean our bathroom. ;o)