Friday, September 12, 2008

Whats new..

((Sigh)) This could be quire long..but luckily, it wont be as long as it COULD be, because some of whats on my mind I cant share here..

1- My grandparents & sister are here!!!!!!! Misch watched BOTH boys while we went to the chiro today.....and she didnt say she never wants kids after words!! A success!!
She & I went to lunch at my favorite Mexican place & SHE got carded for our margaritas, and I didnt!!! ( I'm 24..shes 30) I thought that was awesome...until I was telling Mike & I realized..that means I look old.. Crap.
I had a wonderful time.. we talking about men being babies, God, the boys, family, even secrets!! My face hurt from smiling so much..I miss her more than she could ever know!!!

2- My grandparents are here.. seeing them is always wonderful. They live in CT, and I havent been out to see them since I was in high school, so when they come here, especially when they get to meet my boys, its always really nice for me. Plus, they play some mean double solitaire, which I havent gotten the chance to play with anyone in YEARS.

3- Aahhh Double solitare... Mike has officially become part of the family..even if he did start by flipping his cards one at a time.. lol!!

4- So.. on to the REALLY fun stuff.... All 4 of us went to the Chiro the other day.. and I dont think any of us have recovered.. We have never had to all 4 go to a doctors appointment..and I hope we never have to again, LOL! (Yikes..that means Wed. will be fun!!!!) It is crazy..I think I would rather eat worms than have to take them with out Mikes was scary & awful & I dont recommend it. Stay at home people..never leave!! Dragging one in need of nap baby & a "no no no" toddler to a place that looks like a place he once got a shot at is NOT cool!!!

5- Our neighborhood is like...... vaguely say the least, LOL! But we rent a 2 bed house for $500, which rocks for us b/c I live in a college town so rentals can be OUTGRAGEOUS here b/c college kids will all split them so its not abig ticket.. ..

There are A LOT of feral cats.. You already know about Fluffy & her kittens who we love so much..

So..all these GIGANTIC scary cats eat their food & then crawl under our house..its like our house was built on top of a bowl.. and at one point, we started smelling cat pee coming up from under our floor.. GROSS! I KNOW!! So Mike tried to scare everything out from under there & then blocked off the entrancesbut an occasional cat can be seen trying to squeeze through still.. well.. there has been this FUNKY smell lately..Like, the last week..In fact, I was scrubbing our bathroom as hard as I could daily worrying in my head "are we REALLY so gross & disgusting that our bathroom smells THIS bad???? Did Andy hide something somewhere??" ( its SO small I checked & scrubbed EVERYTHING!!!) But if we turn on the fan in the kitchen(stove) or bathroom we can smell it!!! ( we can also smell the kitchen in the bathroom if both fans are on..and..((gag)) vice versa!!!!)
Well last night as I was trying to clean for the family coming into town I was like "ew dude" so I literally dug trash out of our trash can so I could clean it & our recycling bins.. It was so gross, lol..I thought maybe that was the trouble..I really had no idea.. We always joke "something probably just died in the litter box under the house" but I thought for sure since you can smell something stinky in the area of our trash that was it for sure!!
Mike got home & is like "wth?" b/c the trash smells fine now.. so....he lifts up these boards that lead to the crawl space under our house & there is like, a dead decomposing cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWW LOL!!!

So I was like "dude..take care of it!!" and he tried to scoop it up with a shovel ((gag)) and as he was gagging... he goes "its like, at its juicy state, its just falling apart" EWW LOL!!! Then later in the night he goes "I wasnt going to tell you this..but the worst part of it, the cat was MOVING ( from maggots)" and I gag & am like " so why are you telling me now!!!" He goes "You asked" NO I DIDNT!! LOL!!!!
So.. our bathroom smelled like dead cat.... this morning we got some Lime.. I HELD the boards open & Mike covered the poor cat in Lime as I gagged & tried to identify what cat it might have been =X

Yeah.....and then my sister bought us some Febreeze plug ins while we were out today for the bathroom until we can scoop that poor kitty out & dispose of it..

Isnt my neighborhood AWESOME?!?!?! Guys that drive trucks into trees in their back yard..throw car batteries... redneck Jerry Springer love ( THAT is a post for another day!!!!!!!!!) Need I go on??

Thank goodness we just rent....


Jess said...

Oh poor kitty!!!!
My neighbors stay up until 3 am, drinking and getting their nails done on their front porch. Seriously. Ghetto fabulous! LOL
((((( )))))

Pamela said...

All i really have to say is YUCK! Thanks for the graphic image. Thankfully I dont have a weak stomach. lol

I hope the smell goes away asap. I am sure you have tarts going non stop. =)

Jon, Hailey, and Skye said...

Dude I still am laughing as much as I was the first time I read Juicy....I can't believe he PICKED that word LOL.
And I am so glad you are enjoying your family :)

Ayden'smom said...

so not a good post to read after eating lunch! ::::gags::: I serisously have the worlds WEAKEST stomach! ;P